Mini LED Projector UC40 PLUS 800 LUMENS - VGA/HDMI - 800x480p (BLACK)
Product Parameters: Image system: LCD Brightness: 1200 Lumens Contrast: 800.1 Native Res..
Mini LED Projector UC68Β  800 LUMENS - VGA/HDMI - 800x480p (BLACK)
Product Parameters:Display Technology: LCDBrightness: 110 ANSIPhysical Res: 800x480Highest Res: 1920..
OEM T6 Mini LED Portable HD Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector 1080P
Product Description1. Small projector, a big projection sizethe portable projector is only 1.2 kg we..
Projector P8 Smart DLP 80 Lumens Android 4.4,  HDMI Out Port - BLACK
Mini Mobile Projector, Wireless Conect, Synchronous Projecting, for iPhone / Android PhoneDLP techno..
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