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    • Outdoor battery back-up siren with flashlight
    • Double housing: external 3mm plastic PC with UV, internal 0.88mm metal
    • Continuous frequency modulated sound
    • Tamper protection in 3 ways screw or cover opening or tearing housing from the wall
    • Positive and negative alarm trigger input
    • Siren period can set as follow trigger or 3min cutoff
    • Select from the lamp or xenon
    • Alarm by main power failure
    • Protects against totally battery discharge
    • Plug terminal for easy installation
    • Environmental immunity
  • Specifications:
    • SPL: 128dB
    • Fundamental frequency: 1850Hz
    • Siren tone: yelp
    • Frequency range: 1300-2400Hz
    • flashlight: lamp 12V DC/5W
    • Power supply voltage: 13.8-14.2V DC
    • Charge current limit: 250mA
    • Current consumption (speaker and strobe) Standby: 8mA alarm, 1600mA at 13.8V DC
    • Maximum power: 50W (peak)
    • Trigger level: trigger low, maximum 1V DC
    • Trigger: high: minimum: 9V DC
    • Siren alarm period: F.T-follow trigger
    • Input impedance (alarm/flash/trigger): 1KΩ
    • Tamper switch: NC 28V DC maximum current 0.1A, open when cover is removed
    • Backup battery: rechargeable lead acid battery 12V DC up to 1.2Ah
    • Low battery level: 8V DC ±0.3V DC
    • Material: external box ABS (3mm thickness)
    • Internal cover: metal (0.8mm thickness)
    • Dimensions of unit: 270*193*100mm
    • Weight (without battery): 1.85kg
    • Operating temperature range: -30-60°C
    • Case protection level: water splash resistant
    • Plastic PC with UV protection
    • Conformal coated circuit board

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